the designer

Blair Husain has established a brand that focuses on design, workmanship and service. Based in New York but raised in the south, Blair Husain has always enjoyed traveling–through Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, South America and throughout the United States– she has researched the use of high end jewelry in various cultures as a means of celebration of special occasions. Creating a brand that is unique for the customer was important to the establishment of her designs. This is what has inspired the collection and the designs she creates. Numbers are the focus of her inspiration, because everyone has a number that means something special.

Blair Husain has established itself as a collection of jewelry designed specifically for the customer. Made in solid 18K gold and crafted in New York City, each piece is one of a kind. Drawing inspiration from the need to not look like everyone else, these pieces create conversation, establish a uniqueness and will be handed down for many generations. All pieces are crafted around numbers that are significant to the individual - whether it is a birthday or anniversary, it is styled with an emphasis on roman numerals.