Blair Husain has been decorating the wrists of New York's chicest women with her custom made cuffs, rings, and bangles since launching the line in 2010. Her innovative and bespoke approach to jewelry has garnered her fans from within the fashion industry and from across the country. The attention and press mentions are a testament to the fine craftsmanship and unique vision Blair has incorporated in her line. Please check back often to view the recent press coverage and see what's new at Blair Husain Jewelry.

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Style Setter

Have you ever met someone only to realize you have a million friends in common? That is precisely what happened to me and Blair. We would cross paths frequently, but did not really connect until a year ago when she ran into us shooting KiC on the street outside her apartment.  A jewelry designer with an eponymous line, mother of three and Best Dressed List topper; Blair is a stylish profile.

Although based in New York, Blair was raised in North Carolina and travels extensively. Through her travels, a broad range of cultural influences have come into play as inspiration for her work. Numbers are also important, because as she says “everyone has a number that means something special.”

Blair Husain Jewelry was first on my radar when I saw a lot of friends wearing her one-of-a-kind Roman numeral pendants and bracelets to honor special occasions. But it is her new pieces, especially the “rock” rings, that I think are gorgeous and fun.

Keep It Chic, May 7, 2012

Photographs by Marko MacPherson for KiC.