Blair Husain has been decorating the wrists of New York's chicest women with her custom made cuffs, rings, and bangles since launching the line in 2010. Her innovative and bespoke approach to jewelry has garnered her fans from within the fashion industry and from across the country. The attention and press mentions are a testament to the fine craftsmanship and unique vision Blair has incorporated in her line. Please check back often to view the recent press coverage and see what's new at Blair Husain Jewelry.

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Style Schifter

Earlier this spring, my talented friend, the novelist Danielle Ganek, had a group of NYC moms to breakfast at her apartment…and I was struck, even at that bright and early hour, by the clean lines of Blair Husain’s-Roman numeral jewelry designs, as well as their intriguing customizations. If you believe, as I do, that numbers have a mysterious power in our lives, then you’ll covet a unique piece memorializing a birth date, anniversary, or any meaningful numbers that you can wear for good luck... Lucky Right Now, April 30, 2012.